The Tragic History during Hajj till 2017


There is a nothing that can stop the Muslims to perform the Hajj even Saudi Arabia can’t stop the Muslims. They come annually to Saudi Arabia to fulfill their spiritual dream of Hajj with Hajj Packages 2018. They wait for fir this month of Zill Hajj throughout the year because its compulsory on those people who are physically and financially capable.
But, we have seen that due to much crowd in Makkah and Madinah, there are some tragedies occurred almost every year. Many of pilgrims get injured during these incidents and many of them lost their lives in the land of Saudi Arabia. Now let see the Tragic History from Hajj till 2017,

In 1979

In 1979, armed Sunni Muslims that were about 250 took over the grand mosque, with the result more than 100 of them and 127 Saudi national were killed that incident.

In 1987

In 1987, during anti-western protests in Makkah, the 400 Iranian pilgrims died due to clashes with Saudi security forces.

In 1989

Near the grand mosque in Makkah, bombs exploded 16 pilgrims wounded in this incident. After finding the guilty Kuwaiti people, the government of Saudi Arabia killed them.

In 1990

In 1990, most of the pilgrims have belonged to Indonesia and Turkey were crushed in a stampede in a tunnel and 1,426 pilgrims have died.

In 1991

Soldiers returning from a pilgrimage to Makkah then Plane crash in northern Saudi Arabia and killed 91 Senegalese people. There is another incident in 1991 was the Aircraft was crashed when carrying pilgrims home to Nigeria after the Hajj and 261 pilgrims died.

In 1994

A killed 270 pilgrims, stampede at Jamarat to Makkah.

In 1997

In 1997, in the Mina camps, fire swept and 343 pilgrims have died during this incident.

In 1998

The Pilgrims on their way to the devil-stoning, there were 118 pilgrims killed due to crowds assembled near a bridge.

In 2001

A stampede during the final day of rites of the pilgrimage at Mina, 35 pilgrims killed.

In 2004

At Mina, 244 pilgrims were killed and injured hundreds due to the heavy crowd of pilgrims on the final day of Hajj rites.

In 2006

At the place of Jamarat, 360 pilgrims were killed when they carry out a figurative stoning of the Satan by throwing shingles against 3 stone walls.

In 2015

In a stampede in Mina, at least 150 people have died and around 400 were injured. In another incident, at least 107 pilgrims killed due to bad weather and crane collapsed.